Chanel spring series of bags

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Chanel 2015 early spring vacation series bags finally catch a flight at the end of the launch to hit the child! Throughout this series of the season in Dubai element eyeful of luxury and Middle Eastern would be utterly greedy mouth water. Matte gold, sequins, heading fabrics, three-dimensional flowers, weave effects, color special treatment, with a dazzling line-up of people like being in the dissipation of the shadows of the night among the new series of attractive high index, it is difficult to restrain live excitement the thought immediately covered up ah!




CHANEL Boy hollow metallic leather bag

Chanel2015 early spring vacation series bags finally released it! Believe grateful to the long-awaited moment of Chanel fans will certainly excited! The release of the new series is definitely a glittering, metallic element everywhere and flower elements interludes, postmodern ideological trend is still strong potential, is driving the Chanel style to the incredible advances, only you can not think of the trend, do not Chanel fashion!




Chanel Boy bag varnished calfskin

Let women keep the grace and elegance without losing the unique character, Chanel’s fine let us feel the sincere service attitude. The package retains a sense of glamorous foreign Chanel has always also added a touch of domineering cool feeling.




Rainbow metallic Chanel Boy bag

Never diminished over the upsurge of Chanel is always sought after by the focus of everyone gathered in its body, even a simple one Lingge package can also make the most essential luxury charm, addictive.




Chanel Boy bag sheepskin

Boy sheepskin bag people have a “tomboy” neutral feelings, cool style strong man’s fashion gas field, namely superior visual sense will come in handy.




Chanel lambskin blue Camera Case




Chanel lambskin Red Camera Case




Chanel white lambskin Camera Case




Chanel particles embossed calfskin handbag




Chanel flagship patent leather bag




Chanel flagship python skin bag




Chanel flagship red python skin bag




Chanel sheepskin flagship package






Chanel alligator skin handbag




Houndstooth embroidered Chanel handbags




Chanel denim tassel bucket bag




Chanel denim fringed bag lozenge




Chanel denim fringed bag




Chanel bag eyelet




Chanel badge pack




Chanel tweed woven chain bag




Chanel handbag black sequined embroidery




Chanel handbag gold sequins embroidery




Chanel tweed woven chain bag




Chanel Pom Pom Embellished flagship package



Chanel chain bag wrapped gauze




Chanel silk embroidery bag




Chanel Multicolor Neoprene Flower flagship package




Chanel Multicolor Neoprene Flower flagship package




Chanel Top Handle flagship handbags




Chanel Small Messenger Bag




Chanel crochet tassel bag




Chanel dressing package




Chanel handbag hollow metal




Chanel pearl dressing package




Chanel tank bag




Chanel particles embossed calfskin shopping




Chanel Boy bag metallic trumpet




Boy Chanel tweed bag




Chanel bag eyelet

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Fall-Winter Womens Chanel: Bags

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chanel_fw14-womens-collection-bags1From the collection that I would describe simply as ‘supermarket meets sports’, this post heralds the arrival of the Fall-Winter 2014 Womens Chanel collection into boutiques worldwide, and as I’m typing this, those who ranked higher on the wait list would surely have picked up their bags by now.

Unusually brightly-hued by the season’s standard (then again, doesn’t Karl Lagerfeld always get to do what he wants anyway), you’ll find everything from the Classic Flap to the Boy Chanel bags in colours you would normally see on supermarket shelves (think lemon yellows, green limes and well, this is awkward, orange oranges, along with deep plums and salmon pinks) that are even more irresistible on bags and guaranteed to trigger your shopping appetites.

chanel_fw14-womens-collection-bags2And then there are these, the stars of the runway collection that you’ll either see the humour of, or not. I’ve long stopped wondering about the kind of mad genius that must reside in Karl; instead, it is just easier to regard them as one-of-a-kind collectors’ pieces that only a true fan can appreciate.

From the wired brass grocery basket that’s laced with calfskin leather and costsSGD17,660 to the precious clutch that’s actually a plexiglas egg tray (SGD20,750) for storing bits of Chanel jewellery, other unusual pieces to love include the milk box-shaped leather shoulder bag that stands at 20 cm tall and opens at the side for easy access, which costs SGD6850 (SGD7000 for the one in salmon python that’s in the basket above) and the Small Flap Bag (SGD5250) that comes in a clear plastic tray. The most ‘normal’ of all the pieces, you’ll have to remove the bag from the tray before you can actually use it; the tray is simply its packaging as far as this bag is concerned.

My kind of ‘Supermarket Sweep’ (if such a game existed with these Chanel bags as prizes, I’ll be the first one to sign up), I expect these to go very fast, along with the F/W14 sneakers (from SGD1820 and up) which I featured earlier in July.

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The Best Bags for Moms with Kids of Different Ages

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In honor of Mother’s Day this upcoming Sunday, I’ve pulled together a list of gift options (bags, natch) that will not only delight her sartorial sense, but will give her the function she needs as a parent – of a child of any age. Take Elle Macpherson’s Hermès Jypsiere. She carried this when her kids were toddlers, and thanks to the timelessness and high-quality nature of Hermès pieces, it remains a go-to for her even now that they’re older. For moms who already have Hermès treasures and like to switch them out daily, gift a Baginizer . These handy organizers will protect the lining of your bag, as well as provide an easy way to move your essentials between bags in seconds. For more gift inspiration – at every price point – take a look at the below…

Once you have a baby, your bag’s status as your most precious cargo goes by the wayside. You need a crossbody or large tote that will sit easily on your shoulders – and come with lots of pouches and pockets for storing infant needs. Miranda Kerr’s Louis Vuitton has a padded strap for extra comfort!


Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Tote 

Marni City Pod Two-Tone Leather Tote 

Madewell Zipper Transport Bag 

Rebecca Minkoff Regan Satchel 


Caring for a toddler requires just about as big a bag as caring for a newborn, only this time, you’ll definitely want it in crossbody form since you’ll be running after your little mover 24/7. You need to have snacks, diapers, and a change of clothing ready to go at all times. SJP’s girls are at the high-end of this age group in the photo above, so a smaller Chanel Boy bag is doable.


A top handle, however, is not doable. Charlize Theron’s Givenchy Lucreziaicon may be a chic choice, but when you’re trying to grab a squirming toddler, it’s all hands on deck.


Hermès Jypsiere 28 

Tom Ford Jennifer Medium Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag 

Madewell Minerva Tie Dumpling Crossbody Bag

See By Chloe Joy Rider Crossbody Bag


Grade School
Your job as a mom will never be done, but by now, you can get back to being your trendy self. Anything goes! Katie Holmes even went so far as to coordinate mom and daughter outfits.


Gucci Line A Hobo Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag 

Emilio Pucci Medium Jungle Printed Canvas Tote 

Tory Burch Ella Printed Packable Tote Bag 

Zara Striped Tote

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Prada Maintains a Strong Trajectory with Its Spring 2016 Runway Bags

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Gucci Gets Detailed for Its Spring 2016 Runway Bags



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