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Gifting is an art that many people may not know how to pull off. Finding that perfect gift means that you have to consider the preferences of the recipient, the quality of the gift and of course, your budget. When you want to surprise someone, you aim for something unique. A personalized star map might be the most original way to preserve the night sky tonight or whenever something memorable happens. Is one out-of-the-box idea to try the next time you want to give someone a present. Customised star maps have become popular ways of presenting memorable gifts that hold a great significance to the recipient.


The alignment of the stars is different at every moment of the day. Some of the patterns are repetitive, but they don’t occur on the same day or time. It is possible to predict the position of the stars at a particular day, hour and minute using algorithms. Companies that create personalised star maps use these formulas combined with astrological data collected over the years to derive patterns that were in the sky at specific times. Therefore, a client gives the exact date, time and location then the mapmaker finds the corresponding star alignment. The map is a projection of the sky as it was at that certain moment from a particular place. Customers have the choice of downloading the map and printing it themselves. Alternatively, one can wait for the print to be delivered. It takes several minutes to identify the sky map, personalise it with a message then preview it and order for printing.


The appeal of a personalised star map as a present is that it offers an opportunity to record an important memory in the form of celestial beings. For example, you can get a map of the moment your parents met to give them as a Christmas present. You can have a star map of the first date or first kiss with your spouse or significant other. A mother can get a sky map of the day she gave birth to her child. The specificity of the map gives it a personal touch that is essential in all gifts.

A star map provides a large canvas to include a special message to the recipient. The option of downloading the map yourself and printing it is a time saver. If you don’t have time to wait for the delivery of the printed versions, this alternative offers great convenience. Additionally, you have the freedom to choose how to frame the map. With all the choices for customised frames out there, you can add more personality to such a gift.

Besides the projection of a specific event, you can get a star map with the official constellations like Orion, Cassiopeia and Leo. The existing constellation may hold special meaning to the recipient of the gift, or maybe you want a beautiful print to hang on the wall. 


What makes one star map better than the rest? When shopping for a customised sky map, you have to know what to look for. Accuracy is critical when it comes to maps. The processes and formulas that a map maker employs to create a star map will dictate the accuracy of the projections. Astrology is a science, so you have to trust that the map is a close enough reflection of the real thing.

Quality is another aspect you should prioritise, especially if the manufacturer prints your star map. The image resolution and quality of the paper will determine how well the map turns out. Find out what specs a mapmaker uses for its sky maps before ordering yours. For the paper, ask about the thickness because it determines the durability. The ink should be superior standard as well to last the lifetime of the print.

A sky map consists of the cardinal points and the alignment of the stars at a certain day and time as seen from a particular location. These aspects make star maps some of the most personalised gifts you can get. Pick a special moment and order a print of the stars.

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