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How can we hit two bags in one? The solution is the Chanel Camera Case With Flap introduced for the Pre-fall 2018 Collection. But when the bag was launched, our main concern was – how does it look like on the shoulder? Because the style is quite sophisticated, especially with the flap on the front.

The Design

But there are more sophisticated details to look at. First the big squared-shaped camera case is crafted in chevron quilting. And that while the small-sized flap bag is designed in diamond quilting.

The front flap bag is almost the exact copy of the Classic Flap Bag. Besides the diamond quilting, it’s made with the signature smooth CC logo.

The big Camera Case comes with two ways of carrying. It’s designed with the woven chain leather strap style. The chain strap is long enough to carry cross body or on the shoulder.

Both bags are made from calfskin, which is durable and strong leather. However, there is another thing you should note and that’s the eye-catching bi-color. The Camera Case and the Flap Bag are made with two different shades, but the colors are matching.

The Interior

The Camera Case With Flap comes with two pockets. The picture might show that the Camera Case is big, but there are two sizes. The small size is a relatively good size as an everyday bag. The Camera Case offers one big main compartment to store all your necessities while the front flap can be used for easy access to your essentials.

The Prices And Sizes

Chanel Small Chevron Calfskin Camera Case With Flap
Style code: A57284
Size: 8.2′ x 2.7′ x 8.6′ inches
Price: $4200 USD, $5200 CAD, €3550 EURO, £3190 GBP, $6050 SGD, $32500 HKD, $5910 AUD, ¥497880 JPY, ¥29100 CNY, ₩4950000 WON

Chanel Chevron Calfskin Camera Case With Flap
Style code: A57285
Size: 9.1′ x 4.7′ x 11.4′ inches
Price: $4500 USD, $5600 CAD, €3850 EURO, £3460 GBP, $6570 SGD, $35300 HKD, $6410 AUD, ¥540000 JPY, ¥31600 CNY, ₩5370000 WON

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& Other Stories Dotted Midi Dress& Other Stories Dotted Midi Dress

& Other Stories takes on the pajama trend for its latest style guide. Called ‘Day to Night’, the fashion shoot focuses on silky sets, slip dresses and loose-fitting kimonos. From floral embroidery to abstract prints, pair these separates with pieces already in your wardrobe. Worn with miniature bags and strappy sandals, & Other Stories embraces relaxed styles.

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& Other Stories Embroidered Belted Kimono Jacket, Silk Camisole Top, Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirt and Short Chain Crossbody Bag& Other Stories Embroidered Belted Kimono Jacket, Silk Camisole Top, Ruffle Wrap Midi Skirt and Short Chain Crossbody Bag& Other Stories Silk Camisole Top and High Waisted Culottes& Other Stories Silk Camisole Top and High Waisted Culottes
& Other Stories Belted Floral Lounge Blazer, Wide Floral Print Trousers, Short Chain Crossbody Bag and Studded Strappy Stiletto Heels& Other Stories Belted Floral Lounge Blazer, Wide Floral Print Trousers, Short Chain Crossbody Bag and Studded Strappy Stiletto Heels& Other Stories Embroidered Belted Kimono Jacket and Short Chain Crossbody Bag& Other Stories Embroidered Belted Kimono Jacket and Short Chain Crossbody Bag& Other Stories Silk Camisole Top, High Waisted Culottes and Strappy Heeled Sandals& Other Stories Silk Camisole Top, High Waisted Culottes and Strappy Heeled Sandals

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The Tod’s Joy Bag has gone through some changes. For those that are new to Tod’s, the Joy Shopping Bag is one of their signature handbags. It’s a large and spacious bag with minimalistic style. The latest Tods Joy Flap Tote Bag is introduced for the Fall Winter 2018 Collection.

The Design

So what kinds of changes have been made on the Tod’s Joy Bag? The first thing everyone noticed is the elegant hammer leather crafted with hand-dyed trims. We call this the front flap.

But this front flap is more than just a flap. And we’re not taking about the design. If we move the front flap up, which can be easily done, then there is a front flap pocket immediately available for your needs.

The original version of the Tod’s Joy Shopping Bag doesn’t have a flap, but it also doesn’t have a front flap pocket. And the front flap pocket can be very useful as we can have instant access to important essentials.

The flap is also very elegantly crafted. It’s engraved with the house’s logo and the long leather strap has been used as a slip-in closure.

There’s one more part that has been altered from the original Joy Bag. And that’s the line in the center. The original Joy Bag is crafted with a symmetrical line in the center. But that line has been removed and replaced with a front flap.

So the Joy Bag remains a Joy Bag. The shape of the Flap Tote version hasn’t changed. The long beautiful double handles have remained the same as well.

The Interior


So what can we expect from the interior? As we’ve said, there is one front flap pocket. Inside there is also 2 zip pockets, one of which is removable.

The Joy Flap Tote Bag is a spacious handbag. And the flap is perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons because it protects your personal belongings from rain and snow.

Where To Shop Tods Joy Flap Tote Bag?

1. MyTheresa – Shop the new Tods Joy Bag here…

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The Saint Laurent Book Bag is an exclusive handbag only available online. It’s a limited seasonal edition and will vanish when the Fall Winter 2018 Collection is over.

Perhaps the bag is called a ‘book bag’ not because it looks like a book, but because it has the shape of a book. You know, the rectangle form with sharp edges.

The Design


The Book Bag is new and exclusive. It’s crafted in rectangle shape just like a book featuring sharp edges. The bag is designed with matching bi-colors – the center of the bag is made with one color and the edges are lined with another color.

Then of course, a can’t-miss YSL logo is embellished on the front of the flap. The shade of this YSL logo depends on the color of the bag – it’s available in silver hardware but also in bronze hardware.

Overall, the Book Bag is a humble and non-attention-seeking bag. It’s perfect when bragging is not part of your personality, yet you enjoy and love high fashion. Also, the leather choice is calfskin, which durable and strong. However, there are also variations available in suede.

It comes with a chain shoulder strap for cross body carry.

So what do you think? Is this a must or a want?

The Interior


The bag opens with a magnetic snap button fastening. Inside there is a slot pocket and a main compartment for all your daily essentials.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 24 x 15 x 8 cm, priced at $21000 HKD, $1890 USD, €1490 EUR, £1295 GBP via Saint Laurent boutiques.

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Camille Rowe stars in ASH fall-winter 2018 campaignCamille Rowe stars in ASH fall-winter 2018 campaign

ASH taps Camille Rowe as the face of its fall-winter 2018 campaign. The blonde model poses in front of the lens of Fred Meylan while shot on location at La Maison Louis Carré–the famed home of the French art dealer. Looking ready for the cold weather, Camille wears leather jackets, heavy knitwear and shearling coats styled by Camille Bidault­ Waddington. Ezra Petronio works on creative direction for the shoot.

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ASH enlists Camille Rowe for its fall-winter 2018 campaignASH enlists Camille Rowe for its fall-winter 2018 campaignCamille Rowe wears leather jacket for ASH fall-winter 2018 campaignCamille Rowe wears leather jacket for ASH fall-winter 2018 campaign
An image from ASH's fall 2018 advertising campaignAn image from ASH’s fall 2018 advertising campaignCamille Rowe channels casual vibes in ASH fall-winter 2018 campaignCamille Rowe channels casual vibes in ASH fall-winter 2018 campaignModel Camille Rowe wears shearling jacket for ASH fall-winter 2018 campaignModel Camille Rowe wears shearling jacket for ASH fall-winter 2018 campaign

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It was first-revealed on the Spring Summer 2018 Runway and we were already obsessed with this new style. But what it is also interesting to know, is the reason for the unique name in year date– the 2002? Well, the 2002 Bag was actually created in the 70’s and it has been redesigned to become the house’s newest futuristic bag.

The style is kind-of a hybrid between the Constance and the Roulis Bag. So what do you think? Is it a want or a must-have?

So let’s check out the details of the Hermes 2002 Bag.

The Design


The 2002 Bag is created in gorgeous squared shape. We know that’s made from Everycolor calfskin, but there might be more leather options available. The leather feels smooth and extremely luxurious.

Read more about Evercolor Calfskin via Hermes Leather Guide here…

The bag itself looks futuristic due to the sharp-pointing H clasp in combination with the leather. The H clasp is not new, because it was already designed in the 70’s. Not much about the H clasp has changed. So it’s kind-of a historical piece. And the overall style looks timeless as well.

We love the solid colors, because it’s easier to match with the clothing in your wardrobe. And the bag can be carried in all seasons too. The top comes with a shoulder strap that can be adjusted to your comfort. The front is made with silver hardware.


And oh yes, it comes with a back slip pocket.

The Interior


The interior is stunning because it has a lot of compartments to help you organize the essentials. There are three separated compartments and in the back, there is also a zipped pocket to store important stuff. It’s a lovely handbag right?

Sizes And Prices

We know this bag comes in different

Hermes 2002 – 20 Bag
Size: 8’ x 7.5’ x 2’ (L x H x D) inches
Prices: Evercolor calfskin; $9200 USD

Hermes 2002 – 26 Bag
Size: 10.25’ x 9’ x 2.7’ (L x H x D) inches
Prices: Everycolor calfskin; $10200 USD, €7000 euro, £6900 GBP

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